Voucher authentication is a simple type of portal authentication, with which you can generate random voucher codes in the Gateway and hand them out to clients. Then clients can use these vouchers to pass the portal authentication and access the network. It is especially convenient to use Voucher authentication in places such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

This document introduces how to configure and use Voucher authentication.

1. Go to HotSpot > ServiceZone Settings to enable the HTTPS Redirect and  Select the subnet for authentication.

    Here we take lan3_104(VLAN104) as an example, as follows.

2. Go to HotSpot > Local Portal Settings Authentication Method as Vouchers.


Configure the basic settings and login page as the under figure shows. You can also configure the advertisement feature according to your needs. 

3. Go to HotSpot > Local Portal page and click "BATCHADD"

The following window will pop up.

Configure the parameters for the vouchers to be created: code length, amount of vouchers, voucher type, and Available Time.

Additionally, you can configure the Upload Speed and Download Speed features. The Upload Speed and Download Speed is used to limit the rate of each client.

4. Print Vouchers

The generated vouchers are displayed on the following page. Choose one item to Print.

Then you can print the following page and hand out the vouchers to your clients.

5. Use Vouchers to Access the Network.

Clients can connect to the SSID for Voucher authentication and enter the voucher codes to access the network.

6. Manage Guests

On the Status > Authorized Users page, you can view the information of clients that have passed Voucher authentication and manage these clients.

You can click "Kick" to disconnect a client or Click "Block" to add the client to the blacklist.

7. Create Operator Accounts

Go to System > User Management page. 

Click the ADD button and the following window will pop up.

Specify the Name, Password.

Select Default Privileges from the drop-down list for the Voucher administrator.

Click CONFIRM to create an Operator account.

Then other users can use this account to enter the hotspot administrative system.