The Cloud Controller can manage multiple networks, which are called ap group. Each ap group has its own configurations, The multiple ap groups are logically separated.

This article describes how to set up a batch AP with a cloud account, on the premise that you have already registered a cloud account and can bind AP with a cloud account.

If you're using a cloud account for the first time, read the following article :

How do I get a free cloud account?

How do I manage AP with a cloud account?

Start our setup : 

1. Go to this link  to log into your cloud account. 

2. Click the Create button to create a new AP group.

3. You can name the AP group. Click the Add button to add the AP to the ap group.

4. Click the ap configure button to add configuration to the AP in the ap group.

5. Click the New button to add SSIDs.

6. Enter the SSID name and password, and no other default configuration changes. then click Save.

You can use your phone to search for the SSID and check if it was set successfully.