This article explains how to configure a Gateway and access point (AP) for multiple SSID's servicing multiple VLAN's.

Topology:1.Creating a VLAN

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)  allows multiple Virtual LANs on a single physical interface. Go to Network - VLAN. Click the add button. 

The following window will popup. enter a VLAN ID, IP Address, and Choice Main Interface, Netmask. then click CONFIRM.

Note: The VLAN can only be created on the non-BOND port. Please switch the Interface to role LAN first.

Repeat the steps above to create all VLANs required. The VLANs display accordingly in the VLAN Configuration table as shown below.

2. Creating a DHCP service on the VLAN interface.

Click Edit to start the DHCP service for the VLAN interface with disabling by default.

Click Edit to set DHCP service to the VLAN interface.

Here we use VLAN100 as an example. then click CONFIRM.

Now, The DHCP service is enable,as shown below.

3. Configuring the Access Point with multiple SSID's for multiple VLAN's.

Go to Wireless - AP Group. Click add to create the SSID. In this example we edit the SSID for Accounting wireless network, so VLAN 100 is set.

Repeat the above steps to create all SSID's required and map the VLAN network. confirm the correct SSID's and VLAN IDs are matching.

So far, This is the end result, as shown below.