This scenario shows how to use PBR to determine which ISP to use based on the IP address of a network user. There are two VLANs in the local network and two ISP routers as the gateway to the internet, with the network topology as pictured below:

The current configuration on Gateway uses  ISP1 as the default gateway to the internet.There is a requirement to make users in VLAN101 to use ISP2 as the geteway, while users on the other VLAN should still use the existing default gateway.


Navigate to SmartQoS > Port Route and click on ADD button to create a new rule.

In this scenario, the subnet for VLAN101 is, therefore the list is created using as the source. 

Verification PBR implementation result:

Before applying PBR, both PC1(member of VLAN100) and PC2 ( member of VLAN101) are using the same gateway address to the internet as can be seen on the second hop from tracert results below. As seen on the trace route result below, the second hop for both PC is,

In other words, both VLAN are using ISP1 as the internet gateway.

Tracert from PC1 :

Tracert from PC2 :

After applying PBR, notice that the router starting from second hop for PC1 and PC2 is different even though both are going to the same destination. PC2(member of VLAN101) is now using as the internet gateway while PC1 is still using as the internet gateway. This is the result of the previously configured PBR.

Tracert from PC2 after PBR applied:

Tracert from PC2 after PBR applied:

And that’s how you configure Policy Based Routing on the gateway.