Before configuring WOL,you should do the following preparation:

  • Make sure that the motherboard of PC supports WOL.In BIOS setup of PC A, enable Power On By PCIE or Wake Up On LAN.
  • Make sure that the network card of PC  supports WOL. In network card properties configuration of PC , allow the network card to wake up the PC, forbid the PC to turn off the network card to save power, and enable Wake on Magic Packet.
  • Make sure the LAN port of the router is routable from PC.
  • PC should be powered off normally or hibernating mode  and the power supply is normal.

Follow the steps below to configure the Gateway:

1.    Find the MAC of the PC you want to WOL.

2.    Click the Add button as shown below.

3.    Enter the MAC that you want to wake up the PC and set the timer to wake up.For example, perform a wake-up call every morning at 10:40 a.m.

After the above configuration, you can also verify it immediately by doing the following.