SD-LAN is a practical application of SDN (Software Defined Network) technology. Wi-Tek launched the SD-LAN intelligent networking scheme, which can quickly establish a dedicated virtual LAN on the Internet, so as to realize one-key interconnection and data interchange between different branch nodes. 

The following two network types are supported:


  • Headquarters and branches share data

  • Remote camera video feed back to monitoring room


  • Low cost

Only ordinary home broadband, low equipment costs.

  • Network speed stability

Compared to VPN services, the network speed of SD-LAN is only affected by the ISP speed.

  • Unattended cloud management

Support cloud remote management after deployment

  • Flexible node extension

Add devices without changing the existing network structure.

  • Data encryption

Use the latest and most secure asymmetric RSA/AES encryption method.


1. Log into your cloud account. (If you don't know how to register a cloud account , please refer to the following link: How do I get a free cloud account? )

2. Find the binding code (each cloud account will normally have a unique binding code)

3. Then open the browser login gateway and enter the binding code to achieve the cloud binding.

4. Back to the cloud account, and click the Gateway button to see the managed devices.

Click the SDN button to create the SDN grouping.

5. Enter an easily identifiable group name, such as a company name, etc and click Next.

6. If you are using a stellate network, you need to select a central node and click Next.

Note:Centice Node must have a public IP address.Otherwise it won't show up in the list.

7. Add additional devices to the group and click Next.

8.Identify all nodes subnetwork segments and click Confirm.

Note: All nodes within the subnetwork segments cannot be the same.

In addition, you see here to see whether the SD-LAN node link is normal.

At this point, the SD-LAN setup is complete. you can visit any point as your local network.

Now our enterprise gateway WI-AC150 and WI-AC108P support SD-LAN function