1. WI-WR300 DC input Power adapter which in packing box to power up, then WAN port connect to ISP internet cable, LAN port Connect to your PC

2. Visit in your PC's  Browser, then input user: admin, password: admin

3. go to Common Settings->Internet->Internet(Router mode)

4. you can choose PPPoE or Automatic  IP or STATIC 3 mode, if you do not know which mode you should use, please ask your ISP to get correct WAN access way

Most telecom use PPPoE mode,then offer customer a login account and password for internet access

5. Then you can go  Common Settings->Wireless to set Wireless SSID and Password

6. Final you go Router State->Operating Status to check WAN status(if can get IP address that mean your Router access internet),you can also check real-time traffic and total flow used for this Router

you also can check internet access successfully via internet LED status, if LED of internet is OK, that mean internet access is ok

7. you can use your laptop or smart phone to connect Wi-Fi name: Wi-Tek-5E9C, password is you setting in Settings->Wireless

then you can access internet by Router's Wireless