Configuration steps for facebook authentication.

  1. Create an app on facebook.
  2. Linked the facebook accounts.
  3. Select the authentication subnet

Here are the setup steps:

  1. Create an app on facebook.

Please visit to create an app on the Facebook developer platform.( If you don't have an facebook account, you need to go to the official website to register.)

Enter the App ID and contact email. and then click create App ID.

Google man-machine authentication is possible.

After entering the home page, Navigate Settings Basic Settings 

You can fill in the relevant information according to the requirements of the configuration page.

Depending on your situation, select Business Verification or Individual Verification.

Finally, you can successfully launch the application. 

  1. Linked the facebook accounts.

Go to HotSpot > Portal  and Enter Appid and SecretKey. Click CONFIRM.

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