Networking diagram: 

Setup Gateway as PPTP Server.

Select this option to enable the VPN Service.

NOTE: IP Address pool must be different range from LAN Start Address.

Working Mode: Specify the Working Mode as NAT.

  • NAT:NAT (Network Address Translation) mode allows the router to translate

source IP address of PPTP packets to its WAN IP when forwarding PPTP packets

  • ROUTER:Route mode allows the router to forward PPTP packets via routing protocol.

Service Binding: Specify the WAN port used for PPTP tunnel.

Create PPTP users.

Enter the VPN username and VPN password, here we use “8888” as username , password is “8888”.

Once the account is created it will show in the list of Local Users in section.

Create PPTP VPN on Windows client (using Windows 7 for this example).

Click Start – Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center. Click Set up a new connection or network.

Next, Click Connect to a workplace.

Next, Click Use my Internet connection (VPN).

Enter the WAN IP address and Name the new Connection.

Enter the VPN username and VPN password, and Click Create.

Now we need to edit the PPTP connection to match the Authentication type of the VPN Server.

Connect the PPTP VPN.

At the prompt enter username and password and click Connect.

Confirm the PPTP VPN is established.

Also, we can ping the IP address of the inside PC.