Check from QIG of Industrial PoE Switch, we know we can use 48V Industrial Power adapter connect to V1 or V2

V1/V2 is double DC Voltage input , Switch will auto choose one channel as master DC input, another channel work as spare, once first channel not work, will move to another channel auto, so switch will not shut down always.

You also can just choose V1 or V2 if you do not need Power input Spare

Industrial Power adapter model MDR-60-48 work for

Industrial Power adapter model NDR-120-48 work for

As below picture show, we will connect AC 110-240V  Input to Industrial power adapter

L is Live 


Another icon is mean Grounding

Usually for AC cable, Gray line for Live, Blue line for NEUTRAL, Yellow line for Grounding

Then you connect DC output to Industrial PoE Switch

you can choose any one V+ connect to P+(V1 or V2) on switch, any V- connect to P-(if P+ choose V1, P- also need choose V1)

You need confirm voltage output between P+ and P- is around 48V

Then Switch will work well