Wi-Tek  AP controller supports multiple kinds of portal authentication methods. This article will introduce how to configure Radius Authentication (local Portal Server & External Radius Authentication Server) on WI-Tek AP/AC serial products.

Step 1: Configure Remote Radius Server

1.1 Please go to HotSpot –  Radius Server page to designate the address of the Radius Server.

RADIUS Server Domain: IP address of the RADIUS Server.

Pre-Shared Key: Specify the authorized share key. This key should be the same configured in the Radius server.

Account Port: The default port is 1813.

Auth Port: The default port is 1812.

NAS-Identifler: it is should be the same configured in the Radius server.

Step 2: Configure the Local Portal 

2.1 Please go to the HotSpot page to  choose the RADIUS Auth.

2.2 Please go to HotSpot –  Service Zone page to select Auth Service Zone.

Step 3 Create Accounts

Here we used “FreeRADIUS” as the remote radius server and create one account as shown below.

For AP controller  to connect to the RADIUS server, they need to be added to the NAS client table in the RADIUS database.

First we need to add the NAS. Do this in daloRADIUS by navigating to Management > Nas > New NAS.


After adding the NAS, you can add new Users in daloRADIUS by going to Management > Users > New Users.


Step 4 Connect to the SSID and pass the authentication

After finishing all these configurations, please connect your phone or laptop to the SSID that is bound with this authentication method, and then a portal page will pop up automatically when you open any HTTP websites and requires the Username and Password for authentication as shown below. Please use the account we created just now for the authentication and then enjoy the Internet.


In this example, we just use a FreeRADIUS for test and instruction, you can customize the RADIUS server as you like.


If you do not currently have a RADIUS Server and want to test this feature, you can run FreeRADIUS on a VMware to test.