In SMS Auth Portal, users can use their mobile phones to get a  verification code via text message, and enter the received code to pass  authentication.

Configure SMS Portal 

The  configuration overview is as follows:

  • Upgrade the Firmwares 
  • Get a Clickatell account.
  • Configure SMS Gateway 
  • Configure SMS Auth.

Upgrade the Firmwares

To use the SMS Portal feature, make sure AP Controller are upgraded to the latest versions.

Get a Clickatell Account

To use SMS Portal, you first need to get a Clickatell account.

Clickatell service is not free. When you test the SMS Portal feature the first time, you can get a free Clickatell account. However, the free Clickatell account can only provide SMS Portal service for the phone number which is used to register this  Clickatell account. 

In order to ensure the demonstration effect, we use the Recharged the Clickatell account as an example. 

  • In the SMS Configure SMS section, click Create new integration button.

  • To create your API key, follow the steps below:

  • After sign up successfully, you will be redirected to the SMS page.

  • You can find the API key, which will be used in the AP Controller configurations later

Configure SMS Gateway 

  • Please go to HotSpot > SMS Gateway page to enter the required information of the Clickatell access.

Configure SMS Auth

  • Please go to the HotSpot page to choose the SMS Auth.

  • Please go to HotSpot –  Service Zone page to select Auth Service Zone.

Test the Configuration Result

After all configuration are completed, you are follow the steps below to test whether SMS Portal works normally.

1.Enable the Wi-Fi feature of your mobile phone.

2.Search and connect to the SSID for SMS Portal.

3.The default web browser on the mobile phone will pop up and the authentication page will appear


Generally, the web browser pops up  automatically. But if the web browser does not pop up, you can manually  launch the web browser and visit any http website. Then the  authentication page will appear.

4.Enter your mobile phone number and click SEND Code.

5.You will receive a verification code on your mobile phone. Enter the code on the authentication page and click LOGIN.


The message delivery time may vary and in some circumstances it can take few minutes.

After authenticated, you will be redirected to the authentication result page.

If all the steps above are completed, the SMS Portal feature works normally.