1. change CPE DIP to C position

H mean Master CPE(AP mode)

C mean Slave CPE(Repeater mode)

2. enter into IP address show A089 mean this CPE IP address is

3. Press Wizard-> choose Repeater mode

4. Scan then connect the SSID you want connect(here we connect a tp-link router's SSID), input this SSID's password

you can enable P2P for some router not allow other device do WDS connect to itself

5. If you want create a new SSID for wireless clients, here enable WiFi status, input new SSID name and password

6. choose CPE IP address for static IP( or get IP from main router(tp-link router here),then press next to save

7. after all setting, CPE will restart then repeate tp-link router ssid during 30seconds, you can enter into CPE webpage to check repeater information:Signal mean repeater signal strength.

you can also press F to change LED status from H/C to A to P

P mean Signal Strength , the number behind P is Repeater Signal Strength(Slave CPE)

For example as below picture show, it mean Repeater Signal Strength is -27dBm

if your CPE repeater information show have good signal to repeate to main router, but you still can not get internet  from CPE new SSID, you can try to change P2P enable/disable to check if ok(because some router need do WDS repeate)