Information prepared in advance:

1. The firmware of AP and AC must be upgraded to 2021.9.14 Later before it can be bound to the cloud 2.0, if firmware version not right, you can find right firmware version from below download link and upgrade it before use cloud 2.0

2. Prepare an email address to sign in yourself cloud account for version 2.0

3. before you sign in yourself account, you can also try our DEMO account:  Password:gd123456@

A: Register an account

1. Log in to the website:

2. Click to register an account as shown below

3. Use the email address prepared in advance to register a 2.0 cloud account as shown below:(Click on step 3, the email will get a verification code to fill in step 4)

B:Create network projects and bind devices

1. Use the registered login account to log in

2. Add network item

3. Step 3 is the WEB login password of all cloud devices bound

4. The following steps are similar to the setup wizard, and the details can also be viewed in the corresponding options

4.1、Create wireless SSID and password



4.2、Bind device:(The 17-digit SN of the device can be found on the sticker on the back of the device or log in to the device

Notice:4.2.1. To bind a single device, choose to use ENTER SERIAL for binding

4.2.2. To bind multiple devices at the same time, choose to use SCAN DEVICE for binding(The device to be bound must be able to access the external network, and fill in the SN code of one of the devices running in the same local area network

4.2.3. Choose the difference between local AC management and cloud AC management(If you select the local AC to manage the AP when binding the device, the SSID and password are issued from the local AC. If the binding device selects cloud management, the wireless SSID and password are issued from the cloud.)


Choose to use ENTER SERIAL for binding



Choose to use SCAN DEVICE for binding, then will auto find all Wi-Tek device(include AC,AP Cloud Switch, and CPE)


At last, you can go to topology to find whole device in your network include IPC(need IP camera enable ONIVF, and Wi-Tek Cloud Switch will auto find ONIFV IP camera and show on topology)