Information prepared in advance:

1. The firmware of AP must be upgraded to 2021.9.14 Later then have repeater mode, if firmware version not right, you can find right firmware version from below download link and upgrade it before use cloud 2.0


The signal to be repeated.

Confirm the parameters of the Wireless signal, such as SSID, password and so on. Take the router below for example.


SSID: YunZhong-5G

Encryption Type: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Password: witek12345678

Configuration Step


1、Please set the wireless network adapter of the computer to 192.168.1.x, and login in a browser. Login it by “admin” 

2、Click Wizard and select work model as “Repeater Mode” and click next”.

3、Choose Dynamic IP” (DHCPfor exampleand click next.

4、For its DHCP mode and skip input DNS by clicking Next.

5、Click on Start scan 5G” to search for the signal to be repeated.

here you will get a ssid list , and you can choose ssid of main router you want repeate

6、After choosing the SSIDenter the password to the SSID chosen and click next”. 

7、Check the information and parameter if theres any problemclick Confirm to finish it and wait for 1minute

8、Change your PC/Phone wireless network adapter IP address to DHCP modeand login it again with new IP address searched by wireless repeater, try to connect the wireless repeaters SSID with your PC/Phone to check if it works according to the default wireless SSID in the wireless column

9、You can  modify the SSID parameters of the wireless repeater in the interface  Wireless as you likesuch as same SSID namepassword as Main router, then it will make wireless roaming from main router to wireless repeater.

you can also choose different SSID between main router and wireless repeater.